A sign of things to come!

Please attend our next Info Session on Sunday March 17th (2:15 - 3:15).
Email memcom@VillageHillCohousing.org for details,
email Paddy Lane if you need childcare.

Village Hill Cohousing, in Northampton, Mass., is currently accepting new member applications

Village Hill Cohousing is an inclusive community now developing less than one mile from downtown Northampton, Massachusetts. We are seeking new members who wish to lead a life centered around community involvement, ecological sustainability, and supportive friendships.

Our community formally began in July 2014. We are currently working with Sunwood Builders, Fitch Architecture and Community Design to cooperatively design our site, the landscape, our common house and 28 homes of various configurations. The entire infrastructure of the Village Hill Cohousing site will be energy-smart, balancing a greatly reduced ecological impact with sustainability and livability. Click here for a map showing which of the 28 homes are still available.

Click here for the the latest flyover of the site.
Village Hill Cohousing Earth Work continues. New Driveway access work has begun and top soil on the site has been stripped. Foundations are so close! 

Our Community Vision

VILLAGE HILL COHOUSING aspires to be a diverse, multi-generational community committed to compassionate living — through respect, kindness, and generosity for one another, the land, and the wider community in which we live. Located one mile from vibrant, downtown Northampton, Massachusetts, and surrounded by conservation land, the community we are creating will be an ecologically-sustainable neighborhood of beauty and peace where we support one another’s goals of healthy living and personal growth. We encourage mutual support and positive connections while honoring personal privacy. We seek to foster the belonging, meaning, and purpose that comes from sharing ourselves with others and celebrating life’s gifts with integrity.

Our Values

  • Compassionate Living
  • Ecological Sustainability
  • Community & Connection
  • An Inclusive Community
  • Beyond Village Hill—The Larger Community
  •

Next Steps

Click here for information on how you can become an "explorer" member of our community.

Site Location Map