Thank you for checking out Village Hill Cohousing. We have openings and welcome your inquiries. We encourage you to take all these steps to get acquainted with us:

  1. Read our vision statement on our home page and our values page.
  2. Come to a newcomer event. See our calendar page to find info sessions and guided site tours.
  3. Contact us to let us know about you and to ask questions.
  4. Review and answer the questions below in "Is Village Hill Cohousing Right For Me And My Family?".

Is Village Hill Cohousing Right For Me And My Family?

We are excited to have signed on as members of Village Hill Cohousing and know that it is already enriching our lives. At the same time, we have learned a lot about what it takes. Not everyone would enjoy this lifestyle. We created this questionnaire to help you consider whether you want to take the next step.

• Do I want to live mindfully in community where we encourage reflection, compassion, and personal growth, and lend each other a hand when needed?

• Do I welcome the opportunity to live in a community that includes children as well as elders, and families that are different than my own?

• Do I want to be part of a community that is committed to reducing its environmental impact?

• Will I make decisions that take into account the wellbeing and sustainability of the community? Am I willing to let go of some personal preferences for the long-term best interests of the community as a whole?

• Am I comfortable with a community decision-making process that strives to ensure that all voices are heard, and to reach decisions that all community members are at least comfortable with?

• Am I comfortable with the demands that such processes make on their participants, including substantial time, patience, attention, and a willingness to honor the perspectives and feelings of all community members?

• Do I communicate openly, directly, and respectfully?

• Do I listen well, and do I look for the good will of others in my interactions with them?

• Do I work through conflicts in a constructive manner?

• Am I able to remain “civil” when disagreeing and recognize that on some issues in cohousing it is necessary to agree to disagree?

• Do I hold myself accountable for cleaning up my messes when I speak or act unskillfully, or make promises and break them?

• Am I willing to take full responsibility for the issues my pets, my children, and my personal actions may cause others?

• Would friends, colleagues, and past roommates and partners agree that I am a cooperative, helpful kind of person?

• Do I enjoy community gatherings such as several meals each week, holiday brunches, movie nights, volleyball games, sharing circles, spontaneous get-togethers, etc.? Am I willing to pitch-in and help make these activities happen?

• Am I able to balance my needs and preferences for privacy with the effort it takes to live in a community?

• Am I willing to share outdoor spaces such as gardens, green spaces, and views?

• Am I willing to spend 4-8 hours per month doing work for the community? (“Work” can include a variety of activities such as maintaining common areas, serving on committees, helping with community meals, and helping on community work days.)

• Have I read the VHC statement of Community Vision and Core Values? Are the descriptions of compassionate living, ecological sustainability, community connection, and an inclusive community, consistent with the way I want to live?

These questions were inspired by the work of several existing cohousing communities (especially Nyland Cohousing in Boulder, Colorado, and LaQuerencia Cohousing in Fresno, California), as well as our own Village Hill Cohousing.

For more information about Village Hill Cohousing and next steps, you can contact us using our contact form.

Apply for "Explorer" Status

Learn more about joining Village Hill Cohousing

If you've attended an information session and a meeting (live or via video), and are seriously considering becoming members, you can apply to become an "Explorer".   This involves completing the application and submitting a non-refundable $250.  You will then be able to participate in meetings (such as asking questions, sharing ideas), be part of committee or individual VHC 'work', and be able to more fully get to know us as we also get to know you. You would be assigned a 'buddy' to assist with the process.  Explorer status does not mean you will automatically become a member of VHC, but it is a major step in determining if this is a good fit.

The heart of VHC is the community – sharing resources and experiences, having fun and working together.  And of course, we hope you stay active as an Explorer, and even further, decide to apply for Membership.   However, if you haven’t applied for VHC Membership after three months of being an Explorer, you will be asked to renew your Explorer status by submitting another $250 non-refundable fee.

Please download, print and fill out the application for Village Hill Cohousing Explorer Status. Attach a $250 (non-refundable) application fee, and send via USPS mail to the address on the form - or better yet,create a Word document for it, complete it and email it to  You will be taking the next steps toward becoming part of our community!