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Welcome to the Village Hill Cohousing estimated unit price list. It comes with a few caveats. This list contains rough, ballpark estimates, not set prices. They are likely to change, and could go either up or down. They may change several times during the VHC planning process. These prices do not include attics or basements.

Estimated ballpark costs for 2016 based on October 30th Architectural Plans and October 29th Site Plan.
As of 10-30-2015

Prices reflect a share of the common house, land and all common properties. All units are super insulated (12” thick walls, 18” attics) net-zero energy units. Photo voltaic panels are NOT included in the above prices and must be purchased or leased separately.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_code admin_label=”Code”]<table style=”width: 100%; margin: auto;” border=”1″><tbody><tr><td> </td><td> </td><td> </td><td>Unit s.f.</td><td>Com. Hse Allocation</td><td>Total s.f.</td><td>2016 Ballpark Cost</td><td>Unit Cost per total SF</td></tr><tr><td>BLDG 1</td><td>2 BR Flat, Small</td><td>duplex</td><td>816 s.f.</td><td>144 s.f.</td><td>960 s.f.</td><td>$269,900</td><td>$281.24</td></tr><tr><td>BLDG 1</td><td>2 BR Flat</td><td>duplex</td><td>1008 s.f.</td><td>144 s.f.</td><td>1152 s.f.</td><td>$295,900</td><td>$256.93</td></tr><tr><td>BLDG 2</td><td>2 BR-2 story</td><td>duplex</td><td>936 s.f.</td><td>144 s.f.</td><td>1080 s.f.</td><td>$259,900</td><td>$240.72</td></tr><tr><td>BLDG 2</td><td>3 BR(small)-2 story</td><td>duplex</td><td>1248 s.f.</td><td>144 s.f.</td><td>1392 s.f.</td><td>$315,900</td><td>$226.99</td></tr><tr><td>BLDG 3</td><td>3 BR(large)-2 story</td><td> </td><td>1456 s.f.</td><td>144 s.f.</td><td>1560 s.f.</td><td>$369,900</td><td>$231.23</td></tr><tr><td>BLDG 4</td><td>3 BR Flat</td><td> </td><td>1248 s.f.</td><td>144 s.f.</td><td>1392 s.f.</td><td>$359,900</td><td>$258.61</td></tr><tr><td>BLDG 5</td><td>4 BR-2 story</td><td> </td><td>1632 s.f.</td><td>144 s.f.</td><td>1776 s.f.</td><td>$414,900</td><td>$233.66</td></tr></tbody></table>[/et_pb_code][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid” custom_padding=”30px|30px|30px|30px”]

1. Common House square footage heated space — 4598 sq. ft. divided by 32 units = 144 sq. ft. per unit.
2. Once construction drawings and spec’s are finished we will acquire construction costs from contractors and firm up prices.

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Thank you for checking out Village Hill Cohousing. We have openings and welcome your inquiries. We encourage you to take all these steps to get acquainted with us:

1. Check out our Resources page to learn about cohousing.
2. Read our vision and values statement on our home page.
3. Come to a newcomer event. See our events page to find info sessions and guided site tours.
4. Join our email list and contact us to let us know about you and to ask questions.
5. Take the self-quiz below.


Is Village Hill Cohousing Right For Me?


WE ARE EXCITED to have signed on as members of Village Hill Cohousing and know that it is already enriching our lives. At the same time, we have learned a lot about what it takes. Not everyone would enjoy this lifestyle. We created this questionnaire to help you consider whether you want to take the next step.

• Do I want to live mindfully in community where we encourage reflection, compassion, and personal growth, and lend each other a hand when needed?

• Do I welcome the opportunity to live in a community that includes children as well as elders, and families that are different than my own?

• Do I want to be part of a community that is committed to reducing its environmental impact?

• Will I make decisions that take into account the wellbeing and sustainability of the community? Am I willing to let go of some personal preferences for the long-term best interests of the community as a whole?

• Am I comfortable with a community decision-making process that strives to ensure that all voices are heard, and to reach decisions that all community members are at least comfortable with?

• Am I comfortable with the demands that such processes make on their participants, including substantial time, patience, attention, and a willingness to honor the perspectives and feelings of all community members?

• Do I communicate openly, directly, and respectfully?

• Do I listen well, and do I look for the good will of others in my interactions with them?

• Do I work through conflicts in a constructive manner?

• Am I able to remain “civil” when disagreeing and recognize that on some issues in cohousing it is necessary to agree to disagree?

• Do I hold myself accountable for cleaning up my messes when I speak or act unskillfully, or make promises and break them?

• Am I willing to take full responsibility for the issues my pets, my children, and my personal actions may cause others?

• Would friends, colleagues, and past roommates and partners agree that I am a cooperative, helpful kind of person?

• Do I enjoy community gatherings such as a weekly meal, holiday brunches, movie nights, volleyball games, sharing circles, spontaneous get-togethers, etc.? Am I willing to pitch-in and help make these activities happen?

• Am I able to balance my needs and preferences for privacy with the effort it takes to live in a community?

• Am I willing to live with:
– houses that are relatively close together, and some duplexes
– a limited number of house designs, colors, and material choices
– walking to a common parking area; no attached garage
– solar panels on my roof
– the possibility of no basement or attic
– shared outdoor spaces such as gardens, green spaces, and views
– the community discussing and approving any changes I would like to make to the exterior of my home

• Am I willing to share outdoor spaces such as gardens, green spaces, and views?

• Am I willing to spend 4-8 hours per month doing work for the community? (“Work” can include a variety of activities such as maintaining common areas, serving on committees, helping with community meals, and helping on community work days.)

• Am I familiar with the Northampton area and confident that I want to live here?

• Have I read the VHC statement of Community Vision and Core Values? Are the descriptions of compassionate living, ecological sustainability, community connection, and an inclusive community, consistent with the way I want to live?

You can download this questionnaire as a PDF file and print it if you prefer.

THESE QUESTIONS WERE INSPIRED by the work of several existing cohousing communities (especially Nyland Cohousing in Boulder, Colorado, and LaQuerencia Cohousing in Fresno, California), as well as our own forming Village Hill Cohousing community.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about Village Hill Cohousing and next steps, please contact us.

Download and fill out the application for Village Hill Cohousing Explorer Status. By completing and returning this form you will be taking the next steps toward joining us on the top of the hill!

Application form (click to download)

Print, and fill out the form. Attach a $50 (non-refundable) application fee, and send via USPS mail to the address on the form.

Village Hill Cohousing (VHC) is in the process of working on a pet policy and will post it when it is completed.

In addition to our own policies, residents of VHC are subject to the regulations of the larger Village Hill community. These regulations allow each household to keep “a maximum of two (2) dogs, cats or other usual and common household pets … and … any dog trained to assist persons of impaired sight or hearing.” They also state, “all animals permitted to be kept shall be kept under control on a leash when on any portion of Village Hill except within the [yard] of the owner of such Animal.”

VHC wants prospective members to understand that the community will have very clear guidelines about barking dogs in order to make sure the community remains a quiet refuge for all members. VHC will be setting a policy that specifically defines “excessive” barking and could include removal of the dog from the community if the owner is unable to change this behavior. The policy also will name appropriate behavior with leashes, clean-up of animal waste, etc.