VHC At-A-Glance

Make your way down the driveway of 117 Olander Drive and you’ll immediately gaze upon VHC’s 4,000 square foot Common House, the meeting point of our community. Our Common House boasts our industrial-size kitchen, great room, and living room, as well as a children’s playroom, workout room, and two guest rooms that our members can reserve for their visitors. We gather here to get our mail, eat weekly community meals, hold monthly community meetings, and enjoy other events (music! presentations! holiday parties!) together.

Outside the Common House is a patio and green space where, in the warmer months, we enjoy meals outside and lawn games like Can Jam. We also participate in community work days monthly, which involve tasks like cleaning the Common House, beautifying our outdoor space, and taking on tasks like raking and distributing pavement salt. Walk around the Common House to the back to find our shared snow blowers and mowers, as we maintain all outdoor elements of the community ourselves.

Continue on towards the woods and you will stumble upon our community garden and community compost. All members are invited to assist with garden work and enjoy pick-your-own squash, kale, garlic, onion, tomato, potato, eggplant, pepper, and more!

Village Hill Cohousing hosts 28 units across a variety of single-family and duplex-style homes. Some of our units are two stories, and others are single story. The units vary in size and style, but each of the units contain their own bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and basements. Some members have added screened-in or open porches, finished basements, and solar panels. Our houses have a smaller footprint than most houses of similar style and quality, since we all co-own the Common House and the shared land of the community and treat them as extensions of our shared home.

We self-govern using a process called sociocracy, which is a form of modified consensus. In addition to physical work, all members also participate in circles, or committees, which allow us to make policies and decisions that affect the community. Think of it like an HOA board, but instead of electing a board to make decisions and hire employees for assistance with the space, we’re all the decision makers and space handlers!

We’re situated in Northampton, MA along the beautiful Mill River and behind the Smith campus athletic fields. Members frequently make the 1-mile walk or bike ride to downtown Northampton as well as take hikes in the beautiful Northampton Dog Park right behind our community.

Get to know our community by the numbers.

Number of households: 28
Members: 51

Adults: 47
Kids: 5
Largest household: 3 people
Part time housemates: 5
Former members still involved: 4
Month with the most birthdays: June, July, and October each have 7

Dogs: 8
Cats: 10

Number of circles (committees): 20
Monthly meals: 3
Guests hosted in 2 Common House Guest Rooms: 86

Units with solar panels: 14
Number of electric vehicles: 6
Varieties of vegetables in community garden: 14
Pounds of tomatoes harvested Summer ’23: 80