Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the land we call Village Hill Cohousing is part of the homelands of the Pocumtuck, Norwottock, Nipmuc, Abenaki and other tribes who lived in balance with this land for thousands of years. 

Those people called this region Nonotuck meaning “the midst of the river.” This all before it was seized and enclosed to be privately held by European colonists. Those native peoples and their descendants are still living here among us.

We acknowledge the devastating legacy of settler colonialism and the continuing harm done to indigenous groups in our community, region and country. First Nations people, including the Nipmuc, still live on and steward these lands, and continue to honor and bring to light their ancient heritage.

We give thanks to indigenous ancestors and we support their descendants as we seek ways to repair and restore right relations with our indigenous neighbors and dedicate ourselves to caring for this land with responsibility and gratitude. Members of our community send funds to Nolumbeka Project and Nipmuc Nation. We aim to explore the use of a land tax, learn about the local history of this region and its land, and continue land acknowledgements at our monthly gatherings.