Our Community Values

Compassionate Living

  • Communicating openly and directly
  • Assuming good will in all our interactions
  • Practicing curiosity rather than judgement
  • Committing to conflict resolution

Ecological Sustainability

  • Using recyclable and recycled building materials, as feasible
  • Growing / Supporting growth of organic foods
  • Installing permaculture-inspired landscaping & plantings
  • Using non-toxic products & practices, where possible
  • Conserving energy, using alternate modes of transport, sharing resources, buying locally, and simplifying our lifestyles.

Community & Connection

  • Self-Governance – We strive to include all voices and reach agreements that are acceptable to all using a governance process call Sociocracy.
  • Sharing Community Work – We share the work of the community, contributing our time, talents and effort to keep VHC functioning well.
  • Social Connections – We honor and respect the balance between individual connection, community engagement and privacy.
  • Sharing resources (tools, equipment, dogs), activities (picnic, exercise, parties, childcare, meals).


We value difference and the richness it brings.

  • Our buildings and grounds are designed to be accommodating and adaptable.
  • Our community welcomes families and individuals of all ages.
  • We include a mix of housing types, sizes and prices.
  • We are committed to promoting inclusiveness and respect for all. We welcome a diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ages.

Engagement with the larger community

We seek to engage with and support the larger community beyond VHC.